Protecting Infants From Cold Weather

Newborn babies are vulnerable to cold and they cannot even tell you when they are feeling cold or hot. It is the parent’s job to know and make sure that they baby stays warm and comfortable in the cold weather. Here are some precautionary things that you must keep in mind during the cold weather.

Water Safety Rules for Kids & Parents

Drowning is a leading reason of accidental deaths among children aged between 1-4 years. Usually drowning occurs when both parents are away and leave the children unattended. Education about water safety and life saving technique is really important and critical in order to avoid tragedy.

Worst Foods For Babies

Babies don't need many calories, but require lots of nutrients. Yet some foods commonly offered to babies are highly junk food – high in calories, sugar, or salt, and low in nutrients. 

Best Foods for Babies

There are many healthy and baby friendly foods for babies but here is a list of some best foods which are recommended by doctors and nutritionists. These superfoods are full of nutrients such as vitamin and proteins. 

Choosing The Right Nipples For Your New Born Baby

While shopping for your new born baby you must keep in mind that you don’t have to spend the fortune. You must buy only the important and essential items for your little one such as feeding bottles, teats and accessories. 

Choosing The Right Feeding Bottle For Your Little One

Before the birth of your baby, you will be choosing which feeding bottles to buy. Moreover, you will also decide which teat will best suit your little one. Once you know what type and size of bottles and teats you want for your baby, your life will be at so much ease!

Helping Your Toddler Develop Good Eating Habits

Do you want your toddler to develop healthy eating habits? Then you must offer him healthy food. No junk food or sweets! Most important is the relationship of your little one with the food. You must let him know that you are in charge of how much your baby actually eats.

Influence of Touch Screen on Kids Sleep

According to a new study the more time kids spend on gadgets and devices, the more likely they are to have trouble sleeping. If you are noticing problems in your toddlers' sleep, then it is time you get the gadgets away from him. Kids who use touch screen devices end up having trouble catching their sleep.

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