Why Working Mothers Should Opt Breast Pumps?

Breast pump has helped many working mothers and helped their babies get breast milk at the times of need. Lactation experts and doctors recommend new moms to use breast pump as it allows the baby to get the natural feed and also breast milk is very important for initial development and growth of the baby. 

Why use a breast pump?

The core benefit of using a breast pump is that you are giving your child’s nature the best defense from many diseases and infections. If you have a busy routine due to your job then you must leave your child under someone’s supervision and store the breast milk properly before leaving. Moreover, you can also carry an extra bottle of breast milk if you are going out somewhere so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of pumping anywhere. 

Which is the best breast pump for you?

If you are using the pump occasionally, then go for the manual breast pump.
If you have a busy schedule and you seek convenience then choose the electric breast pump, they come in single and double breast pumps too. You may choose whichever you want according to your need and comfort. 
A breast pump should have shield that fit your breast nipples and expressing can be positioned ensuring comfort.
A good breast pump is the one that imitates suckling action of the baby without any pain.
Choose the breast pump that has variable speed and different suction options for maximum comfort. 

Breast Pump Makes Breastfeeding Easier

Breast pump helps new mom to extract and store her breast milk for several hours. This lets the baby to enjoy breastfeeding benefits even when you are not around. 
The benefits of breast pump are not only limited for working mothers; however, stay-at-home moms can also benefit themselves and can use the breast pump to express and store breast milk for future use.
Regular expression of milk through a breast pump prevent breast engorgement and heaviness in the breasts.

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