Top Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding is not an easy task but it is surely a very rewarding task. You will be facing different problems and discomfort during this phase but don’t let that get you down. These quick tips will help you work throughout your breastfeeding phase smoothly.

Breastfeed regularly: 
Breastfeeding your child regularly ensures that the milk supply is enough and matches your baby’s needs. The more you feed the baby, more milk you will produce.

Latching breast:
When you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure the baby’s mouth is wide-open. They should take a lot breast tissue inside their mouth so they can be fed well.

If it is painful? Something is not right…
Breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful and if it is hurting then something is wrong. Check the shape of your nipple after the feed, it must look normal and round.

Engorged breasts:
Putting cold green cabbage leaves can sooth hard engorged breasts. Slide them inside your inners after every feed for half an hour or so.

Empty one breast first:
Encourage your little one to empty on breast at each feed. This way they will be having richer feed and will be fed sufficiently. 

Feed child after every few hours:
A child who is on breastfeed must be fed after 2-4 hours. Every mother and baby are different and have unique feeding patterns. Some feed last 10 minutes while some can last till an hour. 

Find help:
Accept help when offered especially during the early days so you can establish your breastfeeding routine and care for yourself and the baby.

Burp your baby:
Make sure to burp your child after every feed. Hold them upright over your shoulder and pat on their back to make them burp.

If the baby is settled between the feeds and sleeping peacefully or waking at regular time intervals and requires a lot of nappy change, this means that the baby is gaining weight steadily and you are doing just right. 

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