Indoor Exercises Improve Focus & Relieves Stress

The pandemic of COVID-19 has made a drastic change on the habits and lifestyle. Many of us work from home now and as for children and adolescents home learning has taken over school based learning, which has increased a number of challenges for the parents such as reliance of online resources. To overcome these challenges, it is important to keep the brain healthy and have good health, sleep and appropriate nutrition along with a sufficient amount of physical exercise.

Physical exercise is good for everyone as it keeps you from having stress, anxiety and depression. Children must also focus on physical activities and incorporate them in their daily routine of home based learning.

Set up a little dance area you home replace walking with dancing, also how about going up and down the stair instead of going outside to play. This will keep the kids active and healthy! Different exercises are available online such as skipping ropes for adolescents and improvised hand weights for kids by using water bottles. Online videos are available with proper instructor and training.

Have a live group session on Skype on Zoom with your friends! That can be motivating and also encourage other family members to be a part of the work out. This will allow everyone to stay fit while strengthening the bond among each other.

The best way to develop a routine is to keep a schedule, set goals and be determined to achieve them! Sitting still for endless hours is not healthy for both children and adults therefore active exercise sessions are a must. This is a good opportunity for working from home adults, they must get up move around, stretch themselves and pent up their energy with the rest of the family.

Exercise mustn’t be taken as a waste of time because it is something that improves your focus, keeps your mind and body fresh and healthy and ultimately reduces stress.




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