Returning Back-To-School Post COVID-19

The transition back to school after the summer break always requires some adjusting for students, but the online classes from home due to COVID-19 have been extra challenging for both parents and students. Now that schools have reopened, it is time to prepare our child to head back to school with extra motivation.

The thought of going back to the old routine might be exciting for some while it can be a hard transition for others to adjust to. Children go through different mental, social and emotional challenges that you need to tackle smartly and wisely for your child.

How to make transition back to school successful?

You must talk positively about the returning to school aspect to your child in order to keep them excited. Remind them they will be seeing their friends again and they will have the chances to learn new things and do different activities with their friends. You can ask things like what do you miss the most about school or ask them what is the most exciting thing that you do at school.

Things might not be the same in school due to the pandemic which might eliminate some elements of fun and surprises. Such as maintaining social and physical distance, wearing masks and having their temperatures checked. You must inform the child of all these possibilities so that they know what to expect when they go back. Make sure you know what precautions the school is taking so that you can clear everything to your child before they go. Let them feel comfortable and help them understand that it is a part of the process and for their own good. Purchase necessary supplies for your kid to fulfil all the safety requirements.

After staying at home for a long time and studying online, kids create their own safe space and feel secure in their surroundings. Depending upon their age they feel that they are going to be with their parents at all times. It is important that you gradually accustom your child to be away from you for a longer period of time. Send them to a friends place or to a playdate and make them practice to say goodbye to you and you will be back after few hours. This will encourage the child to become independent and lesser cranky or fussy at school.

Routines can prove to be very helpful for the kids especially at uncertain times. Even as adults, it is important that routines are set and they make us confident enough that we have our activities and tasks lined up ahead of us. Establish your child’ routine before the school starts like set their sleeping times and meal times so that once they are back to school, they do not create much trouble for you while going to bed early.

According to the experts, it is best that you try and cut down the screen time one hour before the kids’ bedtime. Set timings for everything and make sure that you stick to them no matter what, this will not only help your child but will also help you stay relaxed and prepared for other work.




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