Tips To Stop Germs Around The House

Top tips to keep your house clean and safe from germs especially if someone is sick in the house.

Wash Up
Hand washing is like DIY vaccine and is one of the best ways to stop germs so you do not get sick. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds every time.

Keep Sanitizer Handy
Make sure that you have a sanitizer nearby when you cannot wash hands with soap and water.  Choose sanitizers that have 60% of alcohol content as they stop the germs from growing.

Wipe Off
Clean the surface of your house such as counters, cabinet handles, doorknobs, tables and light switches.  You must use cleaners which are disinfectants in order to destroy the germs.

Clean Baby Toys
When your little one is sick, make time to clean their play things and toys. Toss the stuffed toys in the washing machine to clean them and wash hard toys manually or through the dishwasher.

Diaper Change
The baby cleaning and changing area must be cleaned and disinfected properly. If anyone is sick in the house then use gloves during the changing sessions and discard used diapers right away. Toss them in the trash in nappy bags as soon as possible and always wash your hands after changing your baby.

Keep Food Germ-Free
If you are not feeling well, then let someone else cook for you. You should not prepare meals after noticing symptoms just in case to be safe. Don’t let others eat from your plate and do not share or let others take the sips from your drinks. In this way, germs can be easily transferred from one person to another. 

Throw Toothbrush
Once you get well from being sick, change your toothbrush. Make sure to keep toothbrushes in different holders so they are not touched by others.

Maintain Distance
If a family member is sick, keep them in a separate part of the house. It will help them recover and also give them space. Also, it will keep the germs from spreading in the house. 

Toss Tissues Right Away
Make sure you throw the tissue in which you cough or sneeze. Do not keep the tissues into a pile and throw them or flush them away in stop germs from spreading. 

Wear a Mask
For contagious illnesses like flu always put a face mask over the infected person’s mouth as soon as they show any symptoms. In this way, their germs will stay contained.

Boost Breastfeeding
Do not stop breastfeeding your baby once you or your baby gets sick. Milk has antibodies that will protect them and build up fluids to battle germs.

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