Importance of Personal Hygiene in Kids

It is extremely crucial that you follow proper health and hygiene practices for your kid in order to keep them from diseases and germs. Germs are transferred in their hands when they touch dust or objects or crawl on the floor which can eventually go into their mouths and cause illness or diseases.

The best way to make a child or kid learn about hygiene is that you begin at an early age. Here are some best practices for food hygiene which you must follow and pass on to your kids as well.

Food Hygiene for Kids
Unhealthy food habits can destroy a child’s eating behavior and lead to other conditions such as vomiting, diarrhea, tummy pains or food poisoning. You, being a parent must ensure that your child is getting clean and healthy food which is prepared and served in a hygiene manner. When teaching your child about food hygiene you must tell them about the germs and diseases that can go into their mouths through their hands and therefore they should always keep themselves and especially their hands clean when they are preparing a meal or eating it.

While preparing food:
When you cook, make sure you always keep your hair tied and wear an apron.
Roll the sleeves to keep them clean and safe from stains.
Never cough or sneeze when you are preparing food to avoid food from getting any germs or bacteria.

While storing food:
You must store food properly in storage boxes and to store baby food and milk Philips AVENT storage boxes are the best. You must teach the kids how to store food in different boxes and place them neatly inside the refrigerator. Never leave food uncovered as germs can get inside the food.

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