Toddler Sleeping Problems

Babies have unpredictable sleep routines and toddlers mostly struggle to maintain the sleeping pattern. They find it hard to sleep and want to stay awake at night time which is why ‘toddler sleep training’ is very important for both the child and the parents.

How to settle your child to bed?
  • A simple and familiar bed time routine works best which includes feeding your child and then a bath before bed.
  • Give some time to your child to settle for bed time. Do not leave them in the room if they don’t want to lie down.
  • Some toddlers prefer quiet evenings while others want the natural house noise so they know you are nearby.
  • Make sure the child is relaxed before going to bed.
  • If the toddler comes out of bed again and again you must remain patient to take them back to bed. The toddler will understand this eventually.
Getting up in the middle of the night:
  • You must remember that everyone has a different sleeping pattern, some may need eight hours or more while others get up in five to six hours.
  • If you used to rock or stroke your child before putting them to bed then it might be difficult for the little one to go back to sleep without anyone else’s assistance during the night.
  • When the bed time arrives, make sure that the lights are dim and you speak quietly with them so they know it is time to sleep and do not wake up during the night.

Getting up too early:
  • Keep the curtains drawn or the blinds closed to keep the room darker and block morning light.
  • Give safe toys to your kids to play with so that they can play while the rest of the family is asleep.
  • Once the toddler starts going to nursery or pre-school, they will prefer to sleep for longer hours.

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