The 4 B’s of Baby’s Bedtime

The 4 B’s of bedtime will give you a successful tried and tested routine for your babies and toddlers. The bedtime routine creates a pattern for the kids that they know they have to follow every night at bedtime. This will ease your life and once this becomes a habit, the kids will be following the same routine even when they get older.

Baths before bedtime are soothing and hygienic. Kids get relaxed and feel comfortable when you bath them before bedtime and they will sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Brushing or cleaning baby’s teeth or gums after the last feed means that it is nearly bedtime. The habit of brushing the teeth or gums with a brush, gauze or washcloth is strongly encouraged as this habit becomes a part of their routine in future as well.

You do not want food or bottle to be the comfort for your baby while going to bed. Books are the most suitable things to be placed near the bed because a tired baby will eventually fall asleep after you start reading or showing them the books that you are reading to them. This is a healthy habit and can be lifelong too.

No matter how tired your baby is it is never suggested to force the baby to sleep. In this case, you must stick to implementing a routine for your child to ready for bed. Once you start following the routine including bathing, brushing and book reading, the child will have the signal that it is time for bed and will independently go to bed and fall asleep.

This practice will definitely include some protests and challenges and will be time-consuming but you have to be patient and soon enough your child will learn to go to bed on their own.

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