Mistakes New Parents Make That Ruin Their Babies Sleep

Being new parents, it is a difficult task to out your little one to sleep, let alone develop their sleep routine. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that usually new parents make while putting their baby to bed. Developing a healthy bedtime routine will ease things for you and will not leave you troubled while going to bed.

Once you realize where you are lacking and follow a proper sleep chart you will be able to put your little one to sleep peacefully. 

Sleeping Preps:

Set a sleeping time for the baby and follow it no matter what! Once you know that it is time for the baby to go to sleep, 1 hour prior to baby sleeping time start with the regular routine. Draw the curtains, dim the lights in the room, prepare baby feeding bottle and also keep a storybook ready. If possible, give your baby a nice warm bath before tucking them in. It will soothe the baby and will help them sleep peacefully.

Putting baby’s to sleep whenever and wherever

The naps babies take in the car or stroller aren’t exactly what they need. You should develop good sleeping habits for your baby. The baby must be familiar with their sleeping zone, comfort and space. This way babies will know when and where to sleep and they will always feel comfortable sleeping in their own space.

 Leaving baby uncomfortable on the bed

One of the biggest mistakes that new parent makes without even realizing is that they leave the baby uncomfortable which is more than enough to disturb their peaceful sleep. If the child is fussing, he might be too cold or too warm or maybe wearing irritating cloth material which you should be careful. You must check that the baby is positioned comfortably on his space and there aren’t any extra things around the baby. They must sleep in their own space without any hurdles or distraction.

Putting baby to sleep while the others are awake

Just like adults, babies also cannot sleep with excessive noise going on around. Babies have difficulty sleeping when the household is still active. White noise machine blocks out excess noise and helps your baby sleep peacefully.

To avoid this situation, other family members must know that it’s time for baby to sleep and that they mustn’t make any loud noise. 

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