Nurturing Your Toddler With STEM

Nature has gifted your little bundle of joy with a high nous of inquisitiveness. The child is inclined to observe and learn from his/her surroundings as they grow up. Their keenness to explore the things around them is beneficial in incorporating STEM activities into their daily routine. 

STEM is an educational initiative coined by the US National Science Foundation using an inter-disciplinary combination of Science, Technology,  Engineering and Maths to develop a child’s cognitive and scientific skills. Researchers suggest that the earlier we adopt this approach to foster a child’s learning; the better it boosts their knowledge pool.

Wondering how to build a genius streak in your toddler using such a scientific approach so early? You can easily blend it in their day to day activities by talking, singing, reading and making them understand new things during playtime. Toddlers are very keen to absorb knowledge and this increases their observation and critical thinking. 

Mothers during their children’s playtime can adopt small activities using toys and objects to provide intellectual and social understanding. Every day is packed with discoveries and infinite opportunities to increase engagement as children learn best through play. A toy abacus not provides an understanding of number recognition, counting, the shape of the beads and colours but also helps in improving hand motor skills

Science and engineering can be fused through fun filled games such as using building blocks, lego bricks and toy tool kits that help them assemble and dismantle pieces. Using a sponge to absorb water and squeeze it into another bowl explains the concept of volume, size and measurements. Blowing bubbles and making your child chase them introduces them to the idea of distance. 

All these games may sound so basic but they play a vital role in encouraging the love of science and practical learning that will pave the way to innovation and scientific curiosity in future.

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