Putting Your Little On To Sleep

Initially, when a newborn baby arrives they sleep in different patterns which is tiring for the parents too and they don’t know how to cope up with the interrupted and sleepless nights.

There are two schools of thought around new born babies and sleep after those early months especially when they need feedings at night time, it is either you soothe the baby to sleep or don’t. And many parents find themselves indecisive throughout the night. People who believe in sleep training, such as sleep experts, would argue that in helping babies to set a sleeping pattern fall asleep by themselves and soothing themselves to sleep when they wake during the night, whereas parents are helping them master energetic skills for comfort and independence.

The top two sleep techniques are:

Graduated extinction: This is where babies are allowed to cry for short intervals over the course of several nights.

Bedtime fading: In this technique, parents delay baby’s bedtime in 15-minute increments so the they can become more and more tired. 

Many parents report that these techniques have improved their children’s sleeping patterns, as well as their own. But there are also other parents who find the idea of allowing the baby to cry at night as unduly harsh.

Whatever you try, always remember that some babies, no matter what you do, are not good sleepers. Parents need to be mindful of what causes sleep deprivation and what it might 

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