New Parent Despair: Sleep Deprivation And How To Cope With It

As they say, being a mom is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle and sleepless night but coping with sleep deprivation is one of the baby blues that makes a new mom depressive and fatigued.  The whirlpool of breastfeeding, dirty nappies, endless crying, droopy eyes, bags of dark circles, mood swings and lots of anxiety may seem like a rollercoaster ride once you have lived this phase. 

Sleep deprivation is a common phenomenon is for first-time parents, with an apt support system many can surpass this time certainly. Even if you are a working mom and the maternity leave is over, we will guide you with ways to cope with a sporadic sleep cycle. A newborn sleep varies for 14 to 17 hours a day but it has countless erratic snooze patterns for feeding, shushing and comforting.

Sleep is vital for both mother and the child wellbeing so pay less heed to others expectations about you and your child’s sleep cycle and do not fall trap to the 7 pm-7 am classic “sleeping through” pattern. Every baby has different sleep habits so don’t rush for a soothing routine.

Sleep whenever you get a chance, get your partner to support the fact that dirty laundry and kitchen can wait till you are rested. Never question your parenting capability, you are already doing an amazing job! Get support from family /nannies to take care of the child while you sleep ensuring burping, bottle feeding and changing diapers. 

As your child turns four to six months old they start getting a sense of day and night and it is easier now to sleep train them. Ensure that you create a nice soothing environment for them to sleep, swaddle them to feel secure. Play some white noise, dim the lights and sing the nicest lullabies.

Soon your tiny toes will start dropping hints of his sleeping and crying patterns for you to identify and adjust your schedule accordingly. Cherish this time because crawling to the finish line every day makes you a supermom!

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