How To Get Rid Of Baby’s Stuffy Nose

Baby boogers is one of the biggest nightmares for newbie moms making them frantically run around with tissues, seeking bits of advice to get rid of it. The cute button nose varies with shades of being blocked, runny, gunky or crusty causing loads of uneasiness to your newborn. With the winter around the corner, things can worsen with cold or flu keeping the child under the weather. A blocked nose can cause difficulty in breathing making your baby cranky and tetchy.

Whnen a newborn’s immune system is developing, it make these darling angels more susceptible to the common cold and stuffy nose. It may be challenging to handle a squirming baby while being on boogie patrol cleaning the gunk numerous times a day. But don’t panic as we guide you on how to unclog the teeny tiny nostril without much difficulty.

The easiest and safest go-to trick for clearing up the nasal congestion in your kid is the saline nasal spray/ drops. These drops are easily available at the nearby store. All you need to do is to roll up your sleeve, pour a few drops in the baby’s nostril and suck out the snot with a bulb syringe. The saline rinse can effortlessly moisturize the nasal passage making it easy for the baby to breathe.

Make sure to use a sterile and clean nasal aspirator to clear out the nasal passage. Avoid inserting any sorts of cotton swabs, rolled tissues or fingers inside the baby’s nose. Do apply a moisturizing gel outside of the cute button nose to prevent soreness or dry skin.

A stuffed nose can certainly interfere with the child’s sleeping routine and feeding routine. Elevate your baby’s head with a help of a small pillow, this will help in draining out the mucus while they sleep. Use a air humidifier in your child’s room to get rid of the dry air.

Cleaning the icky stuffy nose with remedies can be easy but in case of any other symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing or wheezing immediately contact the doctor.




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