Teaching Manners To Kids

Small things can always end up being something big. The following steps can help your child adopt good manners and will use them consistently.

Smart Parenting Hacks for Busy Moms

Moms these days are always busy. All are down on lack of sleep, stress and short of time especially when it comes to taking care of your own self.  Bin between work, kids, partner and other social things that require attention makes every mother swamped. 

Setting Baby Schedules

When a new baby is born, he calls the shots when it comes to sleeping and eating. This means that the days and nights are going to get disturbed and the patterns won’t be clear.

New Mom Stresses

Mothering is never automatic or inborn unless you got a lot of help from your siblings, parents or friend with babysitting. For a new parent, taking care of the baby is the toughest job.

Fun Activities to Strengthen Toddler’s Listening Skills

Do you realize that when you are talking to your kid, they just want to hear the things they want to hear and tend to tune the rest? They have selective listening skills but with some healthy and productive exercises, you can improve and build stronger listening skills for your toddlers. Children learn in different ways. These games and activities can boost your child’s listening skills.

Helping Preschoolers To Read

It is never too early for your toddler to begin reading.  However, at this stage, it is really difficult for mothers to make their kids love books and stories and understand the mechanism of reading.

Philips AVENT Pakistan- Proud Sponsor of Mother Toddler Play Date 2

A fun-filled and interactive play date for mothers and toddlers where they shared their experiences along with fun, food, games and much more.

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