Father’s Day Activities for the Whole Family

Coming up with ideas for Father’s Day isn’t always easy, so here are activities that the whole family can enjoy with their Dad on his special day.

How To Bathe Your Kid Safely?

Bath times are fun and a special time to share with your toddler. But it is also a time for caution too. You must keep some bathing tips in mind to keep your little one safe while getting all cleaned up.

Baby And Toddler Meal Ideas

Some food might not be suitable as first foods but gradually your baby will be used to eating a huge variety of solid foods. When preparing food for babies, make sure you do not add salt, sugar or stock cubes directly in the food or cooking water.

Sterilizing Baby Bottles & Equipment

Baby’s immune system is not fully developed and is vulnerable to infection and illness as compared to an adult. Therefore, cleanliness is very important while preparing bottle feed for the baby.

Baby Sleep Basics

Newborn babies sleep a lot for up to 16-17 hours per day but they usually, don’t sleep for more than 2-4 hours during day or night time for the first week of their lives. 

Most Common Food Allergies In Kids

As your baby grows, the developmental and nutritional needs also grow. Babies start weaning and you have to give them more than just breast milk or formula milk. More than 160 foods tend to cause allergies. 

Weaning Babies

Weaning is when your baby stops getting nutrients from breast milk only and get nutrition from other sources as well. Babies are also weaned from the bottles but that happens what they stop being fed from the breast.

Bottle-Feeding Basics

You shouldn’t follow a rigid feeding schedule in the initial weeks according to the experts, but with the passage of time, you will be able to follow a reasonable pattern to feed your baby. 

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