Third Trimester Pregnancy

You are now nearly there!  It will be only a few months until you hold your baby in your arms. This trimester will be a busy one as compared to the first and second trimester. By this time, you will be eating well, staying active, pampering yourself and getting lots of sleep. In the third trimester along with all these things you will have some additional priorities too. It’s time to plan about the birth and do some shopping!

Second Trimester Pregnancy

It is second trimester of your pregnancy and you're showing! Everyone will now know about the good news. This is the time that your body has adjusted towards the change and you have stopped feeling nauseous. You are exercising and you are eating healthy. 

First Trimester Pregnancy

Welcome to the first stage of parenting. Growing your baby inside yourself! 9 months may seem like a very long time but the time just flies by as there are so much important things to do. Here are some of the goals that you must try to achieve in the first trimester:

When Kids Swallow Foreign Objects

It’s practically a rite of passage for parenthood when your child swallows something that they’re definitely not supposed to swallow. Recent study shows that over 759,000 children under the age of six ended up in the emergency room between 1995 and 2015 after swallowing foreign objects.

Benefits of A Bottle Warmer

Mommies nowadays consider baby bottle warmer as the best discovery for their babies. However, they still need to be cautious while heating their breast milk or formula milk. Here are some benefits that can explain the usage and advantages of bottle warmer.

Pacifiers To Satisfy Baby's Needs

Babies are born with the need to suck. It is important as babies need the sucking reflex to help them eat and drink. Some babies do thumb sucking for a soothing and calming effect.

Top 6 Essentials for Supermoms

Between carting kids around to sports classes and other lessons, to managing work, PTA meetings, and running the household, they become supermoms just like superheroes.

Toddler Waking At Night

Every 60 minutes, throughout the night, your child enters the light/drowsy part of the sleep cycle. That’s when little commotions can shake them totally awake. These disturbances can slip into their minds from the outside world or they can originate from deep inside her body.

Top Ways To Get Your Kids Active (Ages 3 To 4)

Here are some interesting and fun ways to make your child go out and do some healthy physical activities.

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