Top Reasons To Invest In A Baby Bottle Warmer

Heating up baby milk every time for the feed at the right temperature can be an overwhelming task. You cannot give not-so-warm bottle to the baby that they might get a stomach ache or you get tired of the baby screaming again and again while feeding because the milk got too hot. 
Worry not because baby bottle warmer is the answer to all your troubles. It is a device that is recommended by parents and even doctors to be used for your little one.

  • Using a microwave to heat breastmilk can lead to losing the anti-infective properties and the composition of milk changes.
  • It loses Vitamin C when it is heated as the milk reacts to the warm temperature.
  • Heating breastmilk on the stove can break the mill apart and every nutrient including minerals, vitamins are lost. 
Formula Milk Feeding:
  • Heating a formula milk in a microwave will cause an uneven heat distribution which results in burning of your child’s mouth or tummy.
  • Most parents shake the bottle after heating it up but it will still re-conglomerate quickly.
Why Use Bottle Warmer?
  • The top benefit of purchasing a bottle warmer for your little on is that it keeps the content of the bottle heated up at a constant temperature. You will find different baby bottle warmer price in Pakistan but make sure you get the best one and do not compromise on the quality of life you give to your little one.
  • The temperature of the milk in the requires time to heat up, therefore, bottle warmer saves time and heats the milk within 3 minutes only.
  • Bottle soaked in bottle warmer warms the milk evenly and doesn’t leave any cold spots, however, you cannot guarantee this kind of milk heating through a stove or microwave.
  • If you are heading out on a vacation, baby bottle warmer must be taken along! There are different models available which you can choose from. 
Bottle warmers have become a necessity for new moms these days and apart from all the benefits it is easy to use and clean. Good news is that apart from baby milk, you can also warm and defrost baby food in the bottle warmer too. Get the best baby bottle warmer and get rid of all the hassle and troubles to make your parenting life easy.

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