Benefits of A Bottle Warmer

Mommies nowadays consider baby bottle warmer as the best discovery for their babies. However, they still need to be cautious while heating their breast milk or formula milk. Here are some benefits that can explain the usage and advantages of bottle warmer.

Reasons to use a baby bottle warmer:

1. Constant Temperature: 

The most important benefit of using a bottle warmer is that they have the ability to maintain the temperature of the milk inside the bottle. The liquid inside the bottle is warmed evenly.

2. Time Efficient:

While using a microwave or stove to warm the milk requires efforts of checking the temperature of the liquid again and again and this is time-consuming.  With the help of the bottle warmer, the temperature is set to a certain level and you wouldn’t have to check it repeatedly. The milk will get heated in a quick and known time interval. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer heats the milk in just 3 minutes.

3. Consistency:

Warming the milk in the microwave will not guarantee that the liquid will be warm enough from all sides. Bottle warmer tends to warm and heat milk evenly from all sides as the bottle is soaked all the way through the warmer.

4. Convenience & Variety:

Make sure to keep a bottle warmer when you are traveling with your baby. There are different models which you can choose. Some of the warmers are easy to carry and can be charged from your car plug too.

The End Word…

The bottle warmer is a necessity for every new mom out there. Apart from the benefits, they are easy to use as well. Daddies can also use it too as it is a hassle-free way of warming the milk. All you need to do is add water in the warmer and set it to the right temperature, put the bottle inside the water and once the bottle warmer rings or the light is lit, and your feeding bottle is good to go. Moreover, you can even warm the baby bottle with one hand if you are holding your baby in the other hand. 

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