Superfoods For Toddler’s Brain Development

The first six years of life are very crucial for the healthy development of child’s brain. The right choice of food in early years aids in healthy growth of brain in terms of all functions like information processing, learning, memory, motor skills, concentration, and all. These super foods should be the smart start of your child’s steady diet for a brain health.

1. Sea Food
Sea food especially Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and Vit-D. These acids are really important for the development of brain and its functioning. It also protects from memory loss.

2. Protein Enriched Foods
The next superfoods for brain’s health are fully enriched with proteins like eggs and red meat. Not just the proteins these are totally filled with choline and antioxidants too. Eggs and red meat helps increase the concentration power and memory development in the toddlers.

3. Fruits
Antioxidants and vitamins are necessary to maintain the adequate flow of blood in brain. Thus, it improves the overall mental skill of the toddler. 
Dry fruits like nuts, almonds, seeds are also enriched with necessary nutrients proteins, fatty acids, and minerals required in protecting the nervous membranes. Hence, aid in regulate the whole function of the brain.

4. Whole Grains
Glucose works as fuel for the brain, as brain use the glucose for producing energy. Whole grains have vitamin B too which is good for a healthy nervous system of child. Oats, whole wheat, Rye flour, whole barley, quinoa can be given in the form of cereal or bread. Corns are most favourite whole grain among children in the form of popcorns. You can also opt for while grain rice or whole grain pasta if your toddler is a picky eater.

5. Green Vegetables
Green vegetables are not only good source of iron but also an excellent source of antioxidants for the growth of brain cells. Spinach, cabbage, lettuce and other variety of greens should be included in the diet of your toddler.

To reap all the healthy benefits for the health of brain of your toddler, make sure to incorporate these superfoods of brain into the meals of your toddler in interesting and assorting ways.

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