How To Enjoy Your Second Child Along With The Firstborn

Adding a new bundle of joy to the family can be overwhelming for second-time parents. What is important is how well you manage yourself, your firstborn and the second pregnancy. Honestly taking care of the second baby is easier as you have got experience and momfidence! However, there is some planning that you need to do to have a smooth second-time rodeo. 

During pregnancy 

Being pregnant and looking after a child may seem a tedious job especially if there are spells of morning sickness, emotional changes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia or a toddler with tantrums. Practice self-care, look out for yourself, eat heathy and try to rest, prioritize work activities and home chores and make schedules, there is no harm in seeking support from another person. Spend quality time with your toddler so that he/she doesn't feel resentful and jealous towards the new baby. Do not overstrain your energy in juggling between multiple responsibilities, this too is a mind-blowing experience; cherish and anticipate the arrival of your little angel.

After the delivery

Now childbirth and postpartum blues may seem less of a crisis as you already have hands-on experience with feeding, changing and looking after the baby. Still, it will have an impact both physically and emotionally especially with sleepless nights for new-born and early mornings for the older child. Your partner has to play a vital role in helping you ace through this period. 

You have to support your firstborn to adjust to the baby by channelizing his/her emotions positively. Involve him/her in activities for welcoming the baby so that they bond well. 

Stock your pantry with ready to make easy dinners, you can even opt for some food deliveries or take-outs. Ask a family member or a baby nurse to help you initially through the process till you are strong enough to take care of everything yourself. There is no harm in pampering yourself, look out for a massage or some spa time to make you feel relaxed. Another baby is a wonderful gift, cherish it.

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