Healthy Winter Foods for Babies

Since winters are here and it is the season to try different vegetables and fruits. Mothers are very conscious about their babies getting the complete nutrition quantity and quality of ingredients in the food. Special care is needed for the babies in the winter season; therefore here are some easy and healthy baby foods which will keep your baby happy and healthy.

Dates are rich in minerals and you can give your baby dates after 6 months. Initially, you can give one date and them more to two per day. Feed them little by little as it can get stuck in baby’s tiny throats. Dates maintain the hemoglobin level and will keep the babies warm and also resolve tummy issues

We all know eggs are full of proteins and you can start giving eggs to your baby when they turn 8 months. 2-3 eggs per week are sufficient for your little one. You can make an omelet with salt and pepper or you can simply feed them a boiled egg.

Chicken & Fish:
After your baby turns 1 year old, you can give them chicken and fish. Give your little one full cooked fish or chicken as they are full of proteins. Fish is soft and easy to eat and babies will love it.

Soups are ideal for everyone, especially in winter season. Once the baby starts eating solid food you can give them chicken or vegetable soups. They are full of nutrition and keep the baby warm.

Honey can be introduced to baby’s diet once they turn 1. Giving them half a teaspoon once or twice a week is suffice as it will save them from cold and throat troubles during winters. 

These food ideas will help your baby stay healthy and warm in winters and your baby will definitely love these foods and will enjoy eating them, to make the eating experience more fun, you can use Philips AVENT toddler plates and bowls as the baby will be attracted towards the colorful items and will eat in them happily.

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