Philips Avent Classic Spout Cup 7OZ Pink (SCF551/03)

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Comfortable Drinking

Soft spout rim makes it easy to sip

  • 7oz
  • 200ml
  • 6m+

Can be used with any Philips Avent bottle or cup

Blend and match with other Philips Avent items to make the ideal container, suiting your little child's individual improvement needs.

Soft Silicone Lip makes it easy to sip

The lip is designed in a way that it responds immediately to baby’s lip and starts flowing when pressure is imposed on it.

All parts are Easy to Wash

Easy to assemble and use

The valve is incorporated with the lip, guaranteeing assembly is quick and bother free.

Undulated holder shape for relentless grasp

Wave like grip makes it relentless for the baby to grip.