Understanding The Flow Of Philips AVENT Teats

Philips AVENT teats are available in different sizes with different flow rates for your growing baby. Here are some of the important guidelines that every mother should know when she is using AVENT teat and knows when to change AVENT teats.

Flow rates:

Teats are available in the following sizes:

0m, 0m+, 1m+, 3m+ and 6m+

Please view this image for reference:

 Philips AVENT natural teats can be used on Philips AVENT feeding bottles and its storage cups

  • The Natural First Flow Teat (0 number) is suggested for newborns and this teat can be used from the very first day when switching from breastfeed to bottle feed.
  • The Newborn teat (1 number) is suggested for babies who are 0+ months old and are either on breastfeeding or bottle feed.
  • The Slow Flow teat (2 number) is suggested for babies who are 1+ month old and are on breast or bottle-feed.
  • The Medium Flow teat (3 number) is suggested for babies who are 3+ months old.
  • The Fast Flow teat (4 number) is suggested for babies who are 6+ months old.
  • The Variable Flow teat (marked I, II and III on the teat) are for babies who are 3 months+ old and the teat has a slot cut which can provide an adjustable flow rate.  The milk flow rate can be varied by turning the bottle to align the I, II or III markings on the teat with the baby's nose.
  • It is suggested that you use Philips AVENT Thick Feed teat once the consistency becomes too thick.

When to change flow rate?

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then it is recommended that you use Natural First Flow teat as it is designed to match the flow rate of a mother.

If you notice that the baby is struggling during the meal times and is suckling hard or pulling away and it take them more than 20-30 minutes to finish the bottle, it means that the flow is too slow for the baby and it’s time to switch the teat to higher flow. This is the time when you look for signs and notice the feeding behavior of the baby then you will know which AVENT teat size to use and when to change teats.

If your baby is letting go of the teat, spilling milk, swallowing too much milk, or dripping it between the lips then the flow rate might be too fast and you should use a teat with a slower milk flow rate.

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