Top Benefits Of Breast Pump Every New Mom Should Know

According to the stats over two million babies could be saved every year after birth if they are breastfed within one hour of the birth. Women who breastfeed their babies are protected from rheumatoid arthritis. Being a new mother, breastfeeding is the most important responsibility. 

Understanding A Breast Pump

The most valued benefit of breast pump is that it facilitates the baby with milk even in the absence of the mother. Milk can be expressed and stored safely in the fridge for future use.  Stimulation of excess milk can cause painful and heavy breasts also known as engorgement. Excess milk can be extracted by breast pumps and can be stored. Mothers can get a much-needed break by expressing milk via breast pumps as any family member can feed the baby with the stored breast milk. Pumped milk nurtures the baby and provides them with all the nutrients that are required at the early stages.

Choosing The Right Breast Pump

The selection of breast pump depends upon the need and usage of a mother. If you want to use them occasionally then a manual breast pump would do but if you have plans to go back to work in less than 6 months after the birth then it is best to go for electric breast pumps as they are user-friendly and convenient. You will find a range of breast pump in Pakistan as different brands are available as per your needs and budget.
The sign of a good breast pump is that it imitates the suckling action of the baby and doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort while using it.  Philips AVENT Pakistan offers different types of breast pump in Pakistan including manual, single electric and double electric breast pumps

Storing Breast Milk

Expressed breast milk can be stored in storage containers and bags. They can be stored at room temperature for 3-4 hours after expression and can be stored for a longer time in the refrigerator or freezer. Fresh refrigerated milk can be used for 5 days and frozen milk can be used within 2 weeks.  Bear in mind that the breast milk frozen for a longer period of time can lose the quality of the breast milk. If you are keeping the milk outside, then make sure to use it within 24 hours. Always discard the remaining milk after the baby finishes the feed. 
Hygiene is very important especially when it comes to feeding essentials for the little one. Make sure to wash the pump parts and sterilize them before every use.

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