Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

Teaching kids to eat healthy can be a challenging task. Waiting too long could let the kids develop unhealthy eating habits. According to the pediatric, Danelle Fisher, ‘Kids need to know that every food they put into their bodies affect them.’

Kids must know the reason why they are taking the food and how it is helpful for them. This will help them make healthy choices related to food. Ensure healthy meals are a part of your family mealtime and everyone is involved in choosing different options of nutrition. Take your kids to the grocery store so they can pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. Older kids can play a larger part and choose roles like making the shopping list or helping you choose the recipes.

Explain to kids that fruits and vegetables are important to eat as they help them grow. Also, make sure to give them whole grains and protein which will give them the energy to ply and run. While shopping, explain different food groups to the kids so they know what they are eating.

It isn’t only about what kids eat but also how much they eat. At least, the portion of the amount of food on their plate must match the size of their fist. Proteins should be palm-sized and butter or mayonnaise should be about the tip of the thumb.

Explain to your kids why candies and sweets can do to harm their bodies. Fresh desserts as sweets can be introduced to the kids and keep their cravings in check.

Tell your kids to know what they are having hunger cues. We all understand that when we are hungry and when to stop eating when we are full. But this can be overlooked when we have different snacks and portions around us. Make sure that kids listen to their bodies and let them eat how much they possibly can easily. Make sure the screens are switched off at the dinner table as it distracts the kids from knowing how much they’ve eaten.

Be a model of good eating habits. If you are forcing your child to eat a vegetable that you do not eat yourself then you need to recheck your diet.  Role modeling is the best way to get your children to develop healthy eating.

Always eat dinner as a family and kids who eat with their families can intake different nutrients through fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Make mealtime fun and don’t lecture kids about the nutrition during eating.

If your child needs to gain weight or lose weight always check in with your family doctor and discuss the basic food groups and portions that you must give to your toddler.


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