Smells Pregnant Women Hate

Being pregnant makes your senses supersonic. Women say that their sense of smell changes during pregnancy. It often becomes heightened and a little sniff of the wrong thing can make your stomach upset. Ironically these things didn’t bother them before. There are some common smells that drive women crazy such as candles, food, perfumes etc.

  • Fish: We are talking about both the kind you eat and the goldfish tanks. Stay away!
  • Raw Meat: In your second trimester raw meat won’t bother you but initially raw meat might make you feel sick.
  • Eggs but especially hard-boiled.
  • Stay away from the makeup counters in the mall. The smell of thousands of cosmetic products colliding will cause you to quiver.
  • Bacon: Yes, we know it might seem impossible to barf over bacon, but you will.
  • Coffee makes pregnant women feel nauseous so it is better that you switch to tea temporarily.
  • Hard Liquor: Do not take a single whiff of hard liquor even if you think you’re missing it. Booze breath is even worse than sniffing straight booze.
  • Petting Zoos: Don’t let any small child talk you into visiting a petting zoo while pregnant.
  • Dog & Cat Food: If you have pets around, they will make you puke for sure.
  • Baby Poop, Baby Puke: The smell of your (or any) other child’s bodily functions will cause you to violently shudder in repulsion.
  • Cigar and Cigarette Smoke: Generally staying away from the smoke of any kind is probably smart.
  • While misting yourself with lavender or mint sounds like a good idea, don’t forget, pregnant ladies get even sick off the smell of toothpaste.

Life isn’t just hard before the delivery but when you bring the baby home there are other things that you have to experience such as understanding, support and help in learning how to care for your baby

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