Protecting Babies Against Germs

Defending babies against infections and germs are your biggest challenge. Infections are kept on their skin, mouth, and nose. Breast milk gives babies a wonderful supply of infection-fighting white blood cells. Once the germs get inside the little one's body especially in the first 4 months, they can take over and cause illness which can lead towards many harmful diseases. This is the reason baby vaccines are very important in the initial months as babies are very vulnerable.

Here are some practical tips to keep germs away from your precious little ones.

No visitors:

Limits guests to only close friends and family. You got to be polite while defending your baby’s health as it is more important than your friends’ feelings. 

No kids:

Limit child visitors as much as possible. They carry more germs. If you have a toddler of a preschooler, make sure to wash their hands and faces as soon as they get home and change their clothes right away.

Clean clothes:

Everyone must wear clean clothes. Make sure you tell everyone who is coming to meet you wash their hands and are wearing clean clothes before holding the baby. You can give them an extra clean shirt if you have any doubts about their cleanliness. 

Breastfeeding is the key!

Breast milk in the initial days is filled with antibodies and white blood cells which carry the mother’s immunity and can coat the baby’s intestines to keep the bad bacteria out of the body. Breast milk gives babies probiotics which keeps the baby healthy.

Keep your hands clean all the time!

Wash your hands especially when you come back home from a public place. Washing hands with regular soap is fine as antibacterial soaps contain harsh chemicals.

Scrubbing & rubbing:

You have to rub the germs off to get them off your skin. Rub both hands vigorously to get rid of the germs.

Don’t touch here and there!

When you go out, keep your hands to yourself. Many parents don’t know that germs and cold is caught by touching things and the germs then get transferred to your nose, eyes and mouth.  Be mindful to what you touch when you take your baby outside and don’t forget to wash them.

To fully protect your baby against germs, you should get his vaccines by 2 months of age. Bear in mind that mild illness like coughing and influenza can be dangerous especially in the initial months. Make sure all family members are immunized.

No need to travel, unnecessary!

It can be stressful if your baby gets sick and you cannot go to your pediatrician. It is best that stay at home. It is clear that you cannot live in a germ-free world forever but just for the first 3-4 months. Moreover, if you become too much hygienic it can cause too many allergies. Try and take your babies to the farm in the first year of their lives to help them practice and develop a decrease in allergies. 

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