Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles

Natural feeding bottle is specially designed for those mothers who want to combine breast and bottle feed. The ultra-soft and breast-shaped nipple encourages the baby to have a natural latch and mimics the feel of breast which makes the transition from breast to bottle very smooth and easy for both mothers and the baby.

Top Features of Natural Bottles:

  • Wide breast shaped nipple allows a natural latch on
  • Ultra soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast
  • Airflex valve is designed to reduce the feeding issues such as colic
  • Ergonomic shape makes the bottle easy to hold for tiny hands
  • Easy assembling and cleaning of parts
  • Natural latch on

Ultra-soft nipple 
When you want your baby to have a smooth bottle-feeding experience, natural bottle range gives the same experience as a breast. The nipple is created with ultra-soft texture which gives the same feeling as of a breast.

Flexible spiral designs
The spiral design of the teat and petals make sure that it is naturally flexible and the baby can have a comfortable and uninterrupted feed.

Anti-colic Airflex valve
The anti-colic valve in natural feeding bottles is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle away from the baby’s tummy.

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