Commonly Faced Baby Tummy Problems

The digestive system is very busy of a new born baby because he is learning to process nutrients as he eats and drinks. The system of the baby is still developing so it is more likely that tummy troubles are bound to happen. Every mother must learn how to spot the babies’ changing behaviors and what are the ways to spot the common tummy problems?


Air gets into baby’s belly while eating or digesting. It causes pressure and becomes painful. Doctors aren’t always 100% sure why babies are tend to be gaseous.  Gas troubles are normal and is produced by the bacteria inside baby’s guts. Crying, fussing and bottle feeding also causes extra air bubbles inside baby’s tummy.

You can spot baby’ gaseous tummy if it looks inflated to you or if you see that the baby is arching the back or is in uncomfortable position. Since babies swallow a lot of air while crying, it usually makes the gas pain worse. But with the passage of time, after 6-8 weeks, babies outgrow the gas troubles.

If your baby has gas troubles, lay down the baby and bicycle his legs moving them forward and backward gently. Push the knees to the chest and repeat the process several times. Moreover, try using anti-colic feeding bottles for your child to reduce colic issues.


Babies poop around 8-10 times on daily babies which is totally normal. As long as babies are not uncomfortable, they are doing just fine. Constipation is all about having trouble pooping. Babies usually get constipated when they are switched to new food especially from mother feed to top feed or from formula milk to regular milk.

You can spot a constipated baby by keeping an eye on the consistency. If the baby is constipated, he will be taking out too much gases and would be straining a lot. Also, make sure to check the color of the baby poop if it’s black, green, yellow or brown.

Depending upon baby’s age you must treat the baby. It is okay to give baby apple juice or pear juice every day until 4 months. Make sure you go see a doctor before giving any medication to the baby. 


Diarrhea is common in babies and dangerous too as it takes out a huge amount of water from the baby’s body. Diarrhea occurs if the baby is exposed to any virus or eaten anything contaminated or rotten.

You can spot if your baby has diarrhea when the poop tends to be excessively watery as compared to the normal poop.

You must visit a doctor when your baby is suffering from diarrhea. The pediatrician will weigh the baby to ensure that the weight is normal and then detect the source of diarrhea to provide medicine accordingly. If your baby is taking solids, you can switch to the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast to stop the diarrhea. You must also give plenty of liquids to the baby to keep the water intake normal.

If your baby is suffering from the above mentioned tummy troubles, don’t be worried. These are common problems with every new born baby, but if the problem persists, you must consult your doctor.

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