Best Feeding Bottle Brand in Pakistan

It is beyond any doubt that breastfeeding is the best way to nurture your little one, but some mothers opt for bottle feeding for specific reasons. When you are pumping milk through breast pump or feeding formula milk to the baby, it is necessary to have best baby feeder brand for your child. Here are some important factors that you must consider while looking for the best baby feeder brand in Pakistan.

The important factor while choosing baby bottles and nipple is that the baby must be comfortable taking them. Being a new mom, it is important that you are also comfortable using the bottles and teats as maintaining and keeping them clean is going to become a part of daily routine. There are different baby feeder brands in Pakistan available in different price range and quality, however, while looking for a baby feeder you must look for superior quality baby feeding essentials.

Glass or Plastic Feeding Bottle

Bottles have been made of glass traditionally as they’re considered to be chemical free ad lasts longer. However, glass bottle is expensive and they can easily break. You can get glass bottle covers to avoid bottle damage.
In contrast, plastic bottles do not break but depreciate and need to be replaced after 3-4 months of usage. If you are worried about the chemicals in the plastic bottles then opt for Philips AVENT BPA Free bottles in natural and anti-colic range. Always pick bottles labelled as BPA Free.

Philips AVENT Bottles For Babies

You must start with 2oz or 4oz feeding bottle for infants and newborns and eventually you can graduate towards 6oz or 9oz as you baby grows and the appetite increases. 
Philips AVENT bottles come with wide mouth bottles and they are easy to use and clean.
There are different baby feeder brands in Pakistan but you must never compromise upon the health a d quality of baby feeding essentials as you little ones’ health rely upon it. Make sure that you buy the same brand breast pump as the feeding bottles so you can easily mix and match the tops and bottles of both like offered in Philips AVENT. 
If you baby is colicky then opt for classic range or anti colic range by Philips AVENT and it also comes with an air free vent which is specifically designed for colic babies. They reduce the formation of gas and discomfort during feeding. 

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