Top Reasons Why Newborns Cry

Babies always cry and everybody knows that. The fact that babies cry has nothing to do with the mothering skills. Always remember that as you rock your devastated baby in the middle of the night, it’s not your fault. Your baby’s crying isn’t an indictment; it’s actually your little one is actually trying to communicate with you.

To help you become fluent in baby’s language, here is a list that will help you understand why newborn babies cry.


This is the top reason parents generally assume why a newborn is crying. It is a known fact that newborns eat around the clock, proves that they are right. Make sure that you keep in mind that the growth spurts can increase baby’s appetite so therefore even if your newborn just ate 30 minutes ago, don’t rule out their hunger.

 Dirty Diaper

Dirty diapers do make babies uncomfortable as they cause rashes if not changed in time. Babies hate the feeling of the dirty diaper, therefore, it is one of the reasons that they cry a lot. 


Colic babies are defined as long and unstoppable wails especially during mid to late evening for babies between ages of 2 weeks and 4 months. Colic issues are caused by tummy troubles or gas. This is another major issue why babies keep on crying so much. 


A newbie can get bored and easily over-stimulated. Babies love gentle play and loud activities that involve lots of people and music usually upsets the baby and is too much to handle. Make sure you use soft music and keep a light environment for the baby.


Tummy pain usually causes discomfort but general discomfort is usually caused b tight or itchy pajama or pinched finger from the car seat etc.

Extreme Temperatures

Babies feel extreme temperatures like everyone else. Parents overdress the babies to ward off the chills but in reality, babies fuss because they get overheated.  You must always keep the temperature moderate around the baby. If you touch your baby’s skin, it should be cool, not sweaty.

Wants Mama

In case you forget, babies might also be crying for you. Yes, babies cry for their mothers when they aren’t around. They get familiar by the scent when they are born. The biggest way to keep your baby satisfied is by staying close to them.

Needs to Sleep

Newborn babies don’t always sleep when they are tired. Parents must understand that as soon as the baby starts yawning and rubbing their eyes they should be put to sleep otherwise they will start fussing and crying. 

Good luck decoding your baby’s cries! 

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