How To Bathe Your Kid Safely?

Bath times are fun and a special time to share with your toddler. But it is also a time for caution too. You must keep some bathing tips in mind to keep your little one safe while getting all cleaned up.

The most important rule is: Never leave your kid unattended in the bathroom, not even for a minute, especially when they are in the tub. Kids can drown in less than an inch of water. Gather all bathing supplies such as shampoo, baby wash, and towel beforehand or keep the baby bag handy. If the doorbell or the phone rings you must scoop our kid in the towel and take him with you.

Never put your kid in the tub when the tap water in running. Either the water temperature could change suddenly or it could get too deep. 

Bathtubs are usually very slippery, make sure that you have a rubber mat placed outside the tub to be safe from slipping. A cushioned spout cover can protect your toddler’s head from painful bumps during the bath.

Make sure that the bath water is comfortably warm; babies do not prefer cold water like adults.

Never put water more than waist high (in sitting position) in the tub for toddlers and other children.

Teach your child to sit in the tub as standing could lead towards slipping.

Soaps, shampoos and bubble bath may cause dryness and irritation on your kid’s skin and may cause rashes. Avoid your toddler from spending too much time in the bubbly soapy water as it can be harmful and irritating for the skin. Use soap and shampoo in the last and let the baby play in the plain water in the beginning to enjoy his bathing time.

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During winters, keep the water heater temperature set at 120 degrees. If the heater isn’t set properly and the water becomes too hot, it might cause third degree burns in just two seconds. So it is better to be very careful with the hot water and its temperature.

Don’t let your child touch or open faucets during the bath as it can lead to serious injuries.

Always make sure that the electrical appliances such as curling rods or hair dryers are kept afar from the bathing tub.

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