Why Toddlers Resist Bedtime?

Sometimes you see your toddler fighting sleep like rubbing his eyes, yawning again and again and other times you may see him wide awake, super hyper which is also a sign of exhaustion. As toddler is growing they begin to understand that they are independent and they want to assert their independence by refusing to go to bed when they are asked to sleep. This is how they show that he is a person on his own and exert control. 

Tips to put toddlers to bed:

Teach your kid to sleep alone: If your baby goes t bed with you only, it means that they are developing bad habits and it will be hard for them later. It is best that you try to put them to bed alone and on their own since the beginning. Make a bedtime routine like dinner, bath and then books in bed so that the toddler knows what to expect. The bedtime ritual actually helps and prepares the kid to sleep on his/her own. Tell her that you will check on her in five minutes once she is in bed. 

Don’t let the kid loiter: Toddlers are very good at negotiating when it’s their bedtime. They may take their time to go to bed, keep on asking for a glass of water or loiter around to waste time. If you suspect that your toddler is stalling on purpose, tell him that it’s time for bed and he can do whatever he is up to in the morning. 

Offer acceptable choices at bedtime: Toddlers like to enjoy their independence and to make our child feel empowered make sure that you let them make bedtime choices whenever possible. For instance, ask them which pajamas they want to wear for bed. 

Stay calm and firm: Stand on your ground no matter how much your child whines or cries. Speak politely with do insist when the time is up and time for bed. If the toddler throws the tantrum, remind him that it’s time to sleep and also that you will check on him after five minutes.

Move the child to the big bed: By the age of 3, your child has outgrown from the crib and it is time to give it up. You can tell the kid that they are getting older and it is time that they should sleep on their own in their bed. The kid must know that he or she is becoming a big kid. When the toddler is moved to the new bed, make sure that you praise her when she goes to bed. If they try to come out of bed, take them back to bed and firmly tell her that it is time to sleep. If she resists then insist her and try keeping your calm.

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