10 Ways To Peacefully Get Your Toddler Dressed

There is something between toddlers and clothes which repel each other. It can be a battle for the mothers. Here are some interesting ideas that can help get your toddler ready if you are heading out or if you have to catch a flight with your toddler:

Make It Fun

Little ones love to play games. Challenge your toddlers to a race like let’s see who grabs the clothes first or let’s get ready before daddy comes home.

Reverse Psychology:

If your toddler says ‘I can do it myself’ use this as an advantage and keep repeating that no you cannot do it. This will provoke the toddler to get dressed on their own. 

Warm Up Their Clothes:

If the weather is chilly, the clothes get cold even inside the cupboard.  Make sure to warm them in front of the vent or with a dryer to make your toddler feel toasty clothes.

Let Them Choose:

Select a couple of outfit options for your toddler and let them choose from them to pick out the day’s look. Keep the options limited so as to not overwhelm them with too many choices.

Be Rewarding:

Let your little one know that you have something special for them if they get dressed quickly. Like their favorite breakfast item or 5 more extra minutes to watch TV. Tell them if they get ready to go out then they can play with their favorite toy.

Let them Shop:

Let your toddler pick out the clothes when you go shopping. This way they will be more willing to wear them as it was their own choice. Help kids select comfortable and adorned with their favorite character.

Get Goofy:

Play with the clothes while making the baby get dressed. For instance, wear the socks in your hands to make yourself look goofy. Pretend that you don’t know where to wear the socks and let your baby guide you. It is definite that the toddler will force you to make him dressed up properly.

Sing a Song:

Kids love the songs or tunes that they listen to on regular basis. Make up your own funny jingle or sing ‘heads and shoulders, knees and toes’ as a getting dressed song.

Keep Them Distracted:

Take the focus away from the fact that they are getting dressed. Keep the toddlers busy in thinking about something else. Talk about their favorite toy or about the dog next door.

Zone Them Out:

If nothing else works and you are running late then give them the modern day solutions such as giving them the tablet or switching on the TV.  Play their favorite app and then dress them up quickly. This isn’t an ideal practice but mamas have to struggle with the battles.

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