Tips To Calm A Crying Baby

Babies cry a lot. Some babies get easily comforted while other give their parents a really hard time. The babies become dazzled and overwhelmed by the different senses that greet them in the new world. Crying is a way of expressing their overwhelmed emotions. There are techniques that you can use to calm your crying baby; moreover, there are preventive tools that can keep your infants from getting over-stimulated all day long.

Babies can fuss and cry as long as two or three hours during the whole day and living with a crying and fussy little one isn’t easy at all. Here are some techniques that you must try to keep the wailing one calm:

Wear or hold your baby: The two ways to calm down a crying baby are: mellow down the temperament of the baby and increase the sensitivity of the parents. Babywearing encourages these goals. By creating a womblike and organized environment can lessen the baby’s need to cry.

Swaddle your baby: Newborn babies like to be wrapped securely. It reminds them of being in the warm snug womb. As babies grow they need to move so they like to be swaddled for sleeping and also help if they are crying. Swaddle your baby as much as you can as long as it keeps them calm and quiet.

Rhythmic motion: Rocking always work for babies. Some parents swear by baby swings or hammocks while others prefer using a car seat and driving. Parents usually experiment with different things to check what works for their babies, some hold and move them to and fro, some do up and down the stairs, some develop the bobbing or swaying motion.

White noise: Soothing or muffled sounds calm the baby down. White noise machine or a vacuum cleaner soothes baby as they like whisper repetitive and shushing noise. The sound shouldn’t be loud enough to scare the child. The sound must be soothing, calming and repetitive.

Nurse you baby: Nursing is the instant soother. Keep a schedule for your baby and set their feeding times especially if they are colic. Why work harder if your baby is relaxed and calm by being fed.

Explore other cures: Some moms say that messages are the best solution to soothe the baby down. Some babies have food allergies especially if they are on formula feed. Mother feed can help the baby and also stop their crying.  A diet free of cows milk or wheat can also be a cure to the allergies. 

Try to soothe your baby by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks and if the baby keeps on crying, you must consult your doctor. 

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