Things To Avoid While Pregnant

Health and safety is very essential for moms-to-be and the growth of their babies. There aren’t any hard and fast rules besides staying away from alcohol and drugs.

Here are some things that can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.  All moms-to-be must avoid the following while they are pregnant:

Foods to avoid:

Pregnant women feel sick most of the time when they are pregnant. Here is a list of the food that they must avoid:

·         Raw meat

·         Deli meat

·         Smoked seafood

·         Raw Eggs

·         Soft Cheese

·         Unpasteurized dairy

Don’t exceed caffeine intake:

Taking the usual frequency of caffeine as per normal routine only increases blood pressure, heart rate and your trips to bathroom. Moreover, caffeine goes beyond placenta.  Caffeine isn’t just in coffee or tea, it is also in chocolates, sodas and some over the counter medicines too. Don’t completely quit taking caffeine, just come down to moderate levels.

No self-medication:

Some medicines can be harmful for the growth and development of the babies. Make sure you always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

No heels:

If you want to wear heels, wear less than 3 inches. Kitten heels, platform heels and wedges are the better option. Say goodbye to stilettos for some time. As your belly grows, the center of gravity also changes which causes unsteadiness. If you have swollen ankles, make flip flops your best friend.

Don’t take hot baths:

If you are feeling any aches or pains, you may relax in a hot tub. But if your body temperature is elevated especially during the first trimester, you must avoid hot baths. Try a warm bath instead.

Don’t stand or sit for prolonged durations:

Sitting or standing in the same position for too long during pregnancy can lead to problems. It might make your ankles swollen or create vein problems. Always take short breaks frequently, if you are sitting for too long, keep your feet up or lay down.

Don’t smoke or drink:

Smoking and drinking must be avoided during pregnancy. It can lead towards serious issues regarding the health of our baby. The potential risks faced are:

·         Miscarriage

·         Premature delivery

·         Low birth weight

·         Learning or behavioral issues as your baby grows

·         Sudden infant death syndrome

·         Stillbirth

·         Brain damage

·         Birth defects

Not everything you read is correct:

You will find different information on the internet and other books and magazines. You must trust your instincts and whenever in doubt consult our doctor only!

The end word…

All you got to do is hang in there, because this time shall pass too. The off limit activities can be resumed after your pregnancy. 

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