How To Teach Kids Responsibility?

Teaching kids’ responsibility is difficult in practical life. However, while raising kids if you figure some things out it might not even be impossible. So the question is how we raise our kids to take responsibility for their own choices. Here are some things that we need to teach our kids about their tasks, consequences and their actions.

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Assign tasks to your child:

Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids. Giving them a job to do will help them learn about responsibilities. Don’t overestimate your child’s abilities and overload them with tasks because in that way they will burn out. 

For instance: you can have your toddler to be responsible for bringing his own plates in the kitchen. Or you can make your older toddler to pour his own cereal or let them assist you in family meals.

Allowing kids to help you with the daily chores will give them a sense of ownership and will make them feel accomplished.

Tell them actions have consequences:

Teach your kids that actions have consequences. Let them know that they can put themselves or others around them in danger if they don’t know what they are doing. Tell them that the consequences can be natural or parent-imposed. 

For instance: if your kid is in mid-school and they leave their homework, tell them that it is important to finish their work instead of telling them off about leaving it. Or if they use their allowance on something which is not advised, don’t give them money unless they understand the consequences. This will help them make better choices.

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Let your child invest in something:

Let your child invest in something, not with money but with time and effort.  Sign them up in any activity of their interest such as swimming, art classes or music classes. 

Try to encourage your child if you think that they are losing interest in the midway. Try to find out the reason for their lack of interest. If you think that the activity is making your child suffer physically or mentally, switch activity.  Help them stick to their goals and make them learn about the responsibility they invested in.

Celebrate their success:

Whenever our child takes responsibility, appreciate them. Let them know that their help was highly appreciated. These actions will be a sign of growth and maturity. This will boost your child’s confidence and make them keen to repeat that behavior.

Let your kids observe you:

When you are being responsible, let your child observe you.  For instance: when you are cleaning the garage or exercising. Answer their questions if they ask any, instead of blowing them off. Explain to them what you are doing even if you are busy and how much it means for the entire family.

Always use the words ‘we’ when talking to your kids like, “we will put the toys in the basket.’ Make them understand that all chores are done with collective efforts.

This might take some time, but don’t worry, gradually you will be able to raise responsible kids who with luck will become responsible adults in the future.

How do you teach your younger kids responsibility?

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