Sterilizing Baby Bottles & Equipment

Being parents, it is our top priority to keep our children healthy and safe and sterilizing baby bottles is one of the important ways to protect our little ones. We also know that when we start a family we add extra expenses. Investing in baby equipment that can help protect our babies for a longer period of time is a wise move to make. Sterilizers are an important product to keep the bacteria and germs away from the baby while feeding them. Also, it is important that you should know which sterilization method to choose for the baby bottles.

Baby’s immune system is not fully developed and is vulnerable to infection and illness as compared to an adult. Therefore, cleanliness is very important while preparing bottle feed for the baby.

Cleaning Baby Bottles:

You should always clean the bottles, lids, teats, pacifiers and other related equipment before preparing the feed and also after each use. Dip the teats and baby bottle in hot soapy water right after the feed. Make sure to clean them with a bottle brush to get rid of the dried out remains of the milk from the inside corners of the bottle and teats. Once you have cleaned it, rinse the equipment with fresh water and let them dry in air. Cleaning of baby bottles helps you leave all the traces of milk inside the bottles and also ensure you a germ-free and healthy feeding for your baby.

Sterilizing Baby Bottles:

Sterilization is a very powerful and fastest process to kill bacteria and germs clinging to the inside surface of the bottles and other equipment. It is very important that you sterilize all the baby feeding related products up to the first 12 months at least. This applies to both expressed breast milk and formula feed. Like boiling, steaming also kills bacteria due to the high temperature.

There are different types of electric sterilizers that can sterilize up to 6 bottles in one go along with other accessories like lids, teats, pacifiers, and breast pump accessories.  These electric steam sterilizers have natural steam to sterilize baby bottles and other products which kills 99.9% of harmful germs without any chemical. This gives every mom peace of mind that their babies are using sterilized bottles.

Make sure you always follow the instructions while using an electric steam sterilizer. The bottles and other products should be kept inside the sterilizer until they are needed. Make sure to read the user manual before starting the process of sterilization. 

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