Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food

There is no fixed standard as to when babies are ready to take solid foods. Some are ready at four months while some get ready a little later. There are some cues that you should look for when it is time to begin giving your little one solid food.

The baby loses the tongue thrust reflex. Baby tongue thrust is a natural reflex that stops a baby from choking with different substances.  When a baby is fed something unfamiliar, they spit it out. This reflex goes away when the baby crosses the age of three or four months.  Once this reflex goes away, you can begin giving them solid food to your little one.

The baby starts giving away signals which show that their tummy is full. You will know that your baby is full when they start turning their head away from the breast or the feeding bottle close to the mouth. This will help you assess how much your baby can take in and when to stop.

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Once you start noticing that your baby is able to sit and hold the head in an upright position, it means that your baby is ready for solid food. It is important to notice because babies who cannot sit straight and hold their head upright have more chances of being choked. Head control indicated that the bay is physically mature and are ready to take solid food.

You will notice an increase in the weight of your baby. Your baby will take solid food along with the breast milk or formula feed. However, you should wait and watch for other indications too before giving solid.

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Elderly people usually see this as a sign when babies start grabbing the food that you are eating. This again is a vague signal because usually babies at around four to six months get attracted towards different objects and tend to put it in their mouth.

Frequent waking up during the middle of the sleep can be a sign that your baby is still hungry.  But you got to make sure that your baby is only getting up for food and not due to any other reason such as illness, teething problem or growth spurt.

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