Preparing Toddler For A New Sibling

When a new baby arrives in the family, it is the most magical time for everyone.  Other siblings, regardless of their age might be feeling jealousy, excitement or a mix of both emotions. The older age siblings might not be worried about losing their place but toddlers feel a lot when a new baby comes in the family. There are ways to prepare other siblings for such situations so that they also welcome the newbie with open arms.

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Preparing Siblings Under The Age Of 3

 When you are dealing with a toddler who is one or two years old, they are most likely to relapse. If they started sleeping in their own bed, now they might want to sleep in the crib or might resist themselves for being potty trained.  Every kid needs a routine and once their routine starts to shake up, they take time to adopt the change. However, you got to be patient and give them time.

Make sure you do not ignore them. Involve them in different things such as take them out for shopping and let them pick the toy of their own choice or any other item which you have to buy for the newborn and let the sibling give it to their younger sibling by themselves.

Start preparing the child before the birth of the new one. Let them feel your belly and the movements inside. Spend maximum time during pregnancy and celebrate special occasions with your little one whichever comes during that time period such as birthday or Christmas.

Preparing Siblings Over The Age Of 3

If your baby is over the age of 3, you can prepare them for the arrival of a newborn by taking them to the hospital. Once you come home with the newborn baby, give siblings small tasks and chores which they can do for his/her bother/sister.

Allow them to hold the baby under the supervision of an adult and appreciate them for being nice to them. Always be sensitive and gentle towards the siblings’ feelings. Tell them every positive and negative aspect that comes along with their new sibling. 

Do not forget or neglect toddlers’ activities related to their curriculum. You do not want to miss their school meetings or their sports events. Make them feel that you are still a part of all the things they have participated in. Leave the newbie with the baby sitter or bring them along, but ensure that you always attend everything along with their daddy.

After bringing a newbie home, you must expect the worst too. You will face elements of jealousy but that is a totally natural behavior and it depends on you and how you tackle the situation. Involve toddler in shopping and decorating the room for the new member so that they don’t feel left out and know that they are a part of everything. 

Initially, children can react in many different unexpected ways upon the arrival of a new family member but always remember that they will grow together to be best friends and love each other. So keep calm and hang in there!

How did you handle your children upon the addition of a new family member?

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