Nutritional Needs for Pregnant Women

A healthy balanced diet is of supreme importance during pregnancy can help you deal with additional demand for your body and provide essential nutrients for your developing babies. By having a variety of healthy food you can make sure that you are receiving the correct balance of nutrients.

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Try to include a wide variety of food from different food groups including fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some serving size guidelines for pregnant women:

Meat and Beans

Include 2-3 portions of protein-rich food such as low mercury fish, lean meat, chicken, cheese, legumes, lentils and nuts to ensure healthy growth of body structures. 


Include 3 servings of dairy products each day. They should be low-fat products such as yogurts, low-fat milk and low-fat cheese.

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Whole Grains

Include 3 servings of whole grain carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and pasta to keep the energy level maintained and keeps the ample supply of fiber in the body.


Add 4-5 servings of vegetables every day to ensure a good supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Make sure you eat different colored vegetables and do not overcook them to avoid losing their nutrients. 


Eat 3-4 portions of fresh fruit every day to get the full range of vitamins and minerals especially which contain protective anti-oxidants. 


Include 1-2 serving daily of iron-rich foods such as eggs or dark leafy vegetable that will help you maintain the iron level during your pregnancy especially when the demand is increased.

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