New Food Introduction Guidelines

Recently we learned about the top food ideas for 4-month-old baby but there are certain guidelines which moms should be aware of before beginning to give solid foods to their little ones.

Once you notice that your kids are becoming active and keen to explore different things around him, it is about time that your baby’s stomach is also growing and ready to intake more.

You must ensure the following things while starting solid foods for your babies.

Your baby should be able to sit in the high chair or the feeding seat in an upright position with his head in control.

Babies must be ready when you are feeding them, they should open their mouths by themselves when they see the food is about to approach them.

If you offer a spoon full of cereal to the baby and pushes it out of the mouth means that the baby may not have the ability to take the food from the spoon and swallow it. That’s totally normal because babies are used to having only breast milk or formula milk. Make sure you dilute the food for the first few times and then gradually thicken the texture and consistency.

Once infants double their birth weight approx after 4 months, it means that they are ready to take solid foods.


Things to know:

The size of a baby’s tummy is same as the size of his fist. Don’t expect your baby to finish all of his meal. He might just eat ½ of the tablespoon portion of what you actually serve.

Make sure you wait for four days when you give new food to your baby. Don’t forget to follow the four-day-wait rule. It will help you learn if your baby faces any signs of intolerance or allergy.

Serve veggies which can be chewed easily by the baby. Cooked veggies make digestion easier for the babies. 

Place the spoon near the baby’s lips and let them smell and taste. Don’t get agitated or surprised if your little one rejects the first spoon. Try again after a few minutes.

Do not add any salt or pepper in baby food.

Once your baby gets used to the solid foods make it less runny and more pureed.  Moreover, you can also mash the food instead of pureeing it.

Never rush in feeding your little one. This is a time consuming and overwhelming task, so be patient and hang in there. Your baby will look disinterested in other food, spit it out or turn his head away but let him adjust to the new food and the new eating habit.

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