Milestones Achieved By Your Little One

The big developments made by your baby are considered as milestones achieved such as sitting up, walking, crawling or rolling over. These milestones are mostly achieved in the first year. Apart from these milestones, there are many other micro developments made by your baby which you should celebrate. Here are some of the milestones which you should remember and celebrate:


The baby talk turns into words when they are around 18 months old and they have as many as 20 words in their vocabulary. By the age of 2, their vocabulary increases to 50-100 words and can complete a small simple sentence. 3 years old use as many as 900 words which are added in their vocabulary.

Helping to Get Dressed

As toddlers grow they become autonomous and start involving themselves in things such as getting dressed on their own to show that they are self-independent.  Before 18 months, they help in pushing the arms through the sleeves or they know when to pick up their foot while wearing pants or shoes. They try and help in their own little ways while getting dressed.

Fine Motor Skills

The little fingers and hands become better at gripping spoons and cups. By 18 months they even get a good grip at holding crayons or colors and scribble. Toddlers are able to open the door handles or open a bottle cap until they are 2.5 to 3 years old.

 Imitating You

Your little one learns by imitating you on their own. Don’t be amazed if you see you, toddler imitating you when you are on a call or when they put their hands in the handles of your bags and try to walk like you. Soon your toddler will be saying words that you might say as they will be listening very closely to you.

Following Simple Instructions

Your child’s growing grasp of languages will lead towards understanding simple questions at the age of 15-18 months. The communication style is a combination of words and actions. By the time your child reaches the age of 3, they will be able to understand your question more clearly.

Learning Through Repetition

Toddlers have a curious nature and they always want to learn new things.  One thing they do, they keep on doing it, again and again, to figure it out. For instance: opening and closing drawers or doors, spreading toys again and again. Kids do such thing until they are 2 years old and start understanding. There are many successful habits to learn from toddlers too that we as an adult can learn.

 Making New Friends

When your child is 2 years old, they will be more interested in making new friends or playing with other kids. Mostly, they do the same thing on their own but won’t do it together. Kids at this age find sharing a challenge. 

Understanding Emotions

Toddlers start understanding emotions when they are 15 months old. Our little ones might hug you when they are sad or happy. Moreover, they will keep on repeating the same action that might made you laugh.

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