8 Memory Tips for Moms

Moms have too much on their plates such as looking after kids, household chores and jobs to work. With so much going on at the same time they tend to occasionally forget things now and then, here are some tips that can help mommies boost their memory and remember things in their busy lives.

Here are the tips to get started:

Talk To Yourself

With so much going on around moms, it is possible that they easily get distracted. But in order to remember something you need to stay alert. You must pay attention and say it out loud. You might feel silly talking to yourself but it will help you remember things when you will need them. 

Write It Down

Writing things help the brain to remember things. Make a to-do list so that you don’t have any chances to miss out or forget anything.  Add notes or reminders in your phone so you get alerts and notifications about your tasks.  Get things done as soon as you remember anything.


Instead of remembering things at last moments, get them done as soon as you remember them. Once you do things as you remember them there will be no chances of forgetting them.

Eat the Good Fat

Omega 3 fat is good fat and found in salmon, walnuts, canola oil and flaxseeds have the benefit of boosting up memory. Mothers should introduce these foods in their daily diet as it builds better memory. Here is the list of food which breastfeeding mothers crave for after the baby.

Recall Your Day

The best way to make your memory stronger is to use it. There are different games and exercises which you can try to give your memory a boost. The more you practice, the better you will get at recalling things.

Put the Name with the Face

When you meet someone try to associate her name with any of her features such as her curly hair, nose ring or colored eyes.  In this way, you can remember her name associated with that feature. 

Set Reminders on Phone

Use the calendar or reminder app on phone for your daily tasks and appointments. Set alerts so that you know when and how to tackle the daily chores, for instance: payment of bills, baby feeding time or baby nap time etc.

Stay Organized

Establish spots for specific things in your house such as key holders, baby stuff organizers, and boxes.  These things will help you stay organized and you will not forget where you put your keys, wallet or baby shoes. Allocate a location for all these items and you will always remember where to get them from.

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