Managing Post-Weaning Depression

Becoming a mother is a challenging job. The mind and body of a mother go through different changes and it can be difficult to cope up with them. You might be stuck in some emotional and draining situations. One such situation is post-weaning depression and is totally nerve-wracking. To treat this mood disorder, let’s understand what this is all about.

Weaning can be a complex and emotional process whether you have nursed your baby for months or for years. Breastfeeding stimulates oxytocin hormone also known as the ‘love hormone’ because of its feel-good qualities. When the process of breastfeeding stops, the oxytocin also stops. Many women feel emotional about everything related to the growth about their little one. 

Always remember that it is real

Post weaning depression is something that isn’t discussed frequently but it is a legitimate issue and requires proper attention and care.  The hormonal shift occurs either after giving birth or when lactation stops. In these cases, the brain goes through a transition and requires equilibrium. 

Visit your doctor

If your symptoms occur more than a couple of weeks then it is advised that you must go and visit your doctor. There is no shame in getting help as the knowledge on post weaning depression is rapidly growing.

Take medication

Your doctor might give you some anti-depressant medications. It is okay to help your brain with medication.  Medication can be very helpful if taken along with talk therapy and counseling. If post weaning depression is diagnosed early then it can be taken care of with maximum possibilities. 


Post weaning depression makes a huge hormonal change in your body and exercise helps. The endorphins which are released while exercising give temporary relief from the depressive feelings and bring your hormones back to balance. Your body finds equilibrium when you exercise so it is completely okay and normal if one session of treadmill doesn’t fix things- it takes time.

Eat healthy

When you are going through depression, you lose your appetite. However, the best shot to feel good and healthy is to choose nourishing, unprocessed and protein and vitamin-rich food. Foods which contain Omega-3 are brain foods and can be a good choice to help normalize your hormones. Make sure you stay hydrated in order to keep your body clean.

Go easy

Always be kind to yourself. There is no need to feel guilty if you feel depressed. Take out some time for a soothing meditation form your busy and hectic routine. Carve time out for some mental healing. If you can’t take any responsibility or you feel it is too much on you, learn to refuse and say no.

Partner’s support is essential

Be sure to educate your partner or a closed one about post-weaning depression. They should know that you aren’t being weak or dramatic but it is something real and requires help. Ask them to help you with the household chores and give you space to get rest and help you need.

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