10 Mind Blowing Facts About Babies

You might think that babies just eat, sleep, and drink milk, poop, and cry. There is so much more to these little bundles of joys.  Babies are fascinating in different ways as they adapt so many things which help them to survive for 9 months in mother’s womb. They absorb nutrients hormones from mother’s bloodstream and become used to the sound inside a mother’s womb.

Here are some cool and amazing facts about your little bundles of joy.

•Babies know when you are mad. If you become angry in front of your baby, think twice.  Babies are most likely to change their behavior and they remember what they see. It might make a negative impact so it is better not to yell at your husband in front of the baby.

•Babies are overloaded with cuteness. The little toes, fingers and the cooing noises appeal all of our senses which make us care for them more than before.

•Baby brains are advanced. They might be tiny but according to the studies babies who are as young as 7 months understand other people’s behaviors just the way adults do. Be careful what you do in front of your baby because they notice everything.

•Babies take time to adjust in the world outside the womb. Baby’s body is warm but the fingers and toes are cold. This is because the circulatory system is developing and their blood is pushed to the vital organs and systems. The hands and feet get the blood supply in the end. 

•Babies tend to sneeze a lot. It’s not because they are cold, it is because they are clearing their nasal and respiratory passages of congestion and airborne particles. Sneezing helps them clear their nostril which is caused by pressing the nose against the mom while breastfeeding.

•Babies have superhero vision. Infants of 3-4 months of age can see differences in similar things than older babies and toddlers won’t notice. Younger babies see the same things in different lighting as entirely different objects.

•Nap time boosts baby’s memory. Recent research shows that babies are shown to take off their mittens before a nap so they can remember it. Midday snooze boosts and retains memories. This is an opportunity for parents that they can make their babies learn anything they want before the nap time!

•You must be wondering why newborn babies cry, in real life, they don’t shed tears until they are 1-3 months old. The tear ducts and glands just produce a liquid to lubricate and protect their eyes.

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