Decisions To Make Upon The Arrival Of New Born

Becoming a parent includes making decisions in your life more than ever and those decisions are the most important decisions of your life. 

Let’s discuss some important decisions that you need to make before the newbie arrives:

  • When the new baby will arrive, a lot of friends and families will come to see the newbie. Talk with your partner how do you want to deal with the visitors and how you want to meet them. 
  • How will you manage your home or your other kids when you will go for labor, will you ask for any help from a family member or friend? Make sure you get help before your due date so you can tell them the kind of help you need from them. 
  • Breastfeeding, formula milk or both? How do you plan to feed your baby in the few months? Will you breastfeed or give formula milk too at the same time. Some women feel that if they give formula milk to infants they might stop nursing too.
  • Baby products to buy- That can be an overwhelming task but also the most important thing. You need to follow some basic parenting tips that can help you understand what to do before the arrival of the newbie.
  • What will be the sleeping arrangements with the baby? Will you need a crib or bassinet or co-sleep? Figure out the sleeping arrangement that is best for everyone. Make sure that the baby sleeps peacefully throughout the night in any arrangement you make.
  • Prepare the baby name list for each gender if you don’t want to know the gender until birth. Start thinking of names already, it is a big decision but its fun.
  • Be ready for the birth plan. When the doctor asks you, you should know what you want like water birth, epidural, normal delivery or aroma therapy. Always be ready, you don’t know what will come next.
  • Think about your maternity leaves if you want to continue work after delivery. If you want to continue work then figure out how many weeks off do you need?
  • Last but not the least; don’t forget to think about your child’s future. Always make plans because it is never too early to start planning for their future. 

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