Coming Home with New Born Baby

Post delivery tantrums are understandable. Husbands should be patient and supportive enough to look after their significant others and bear with them at all times. This is the time when you are quite sensitive, emotional, and anxious and face numerous mood swings.  Husbands need to provide maximum understanding, support and help in learning how to care for your baby.

Get wheeled out of the hospital. You mustn’t rush to sit in the car by yourself or get panicky to put the car seat in the car. Take your time as everything feels painful initially. It’s okay to cry and get aggressive and even scream. 

Make sure you have followed a pre-pregnancy checklist before getting admitted to the hospital. When you get home, you can hand over the baby to someone else and give yourself a little break. You might even forget how the nurses taught you to baby feed. You might feel everything is impossible. But its okay, that phase shall pass too.

Talk to your loved ones. Share your miserable state with your mother. It’s okay to cry again and again. Organize support because you will be needing help in managing your life after the baby. Discuss with your partner, as a couple who you would like to have around so everyone is comfortable.

Cherish the moment if the baby falls asleep on your chest. You will feel refreshed no matter how much you are tired. Look at the tiny baby sleeping and you will realize that all those cries were worth it.

Don’t forget to eat. Eat as much as possible because your baby will keep on screaming and waking you up. So, to cope with that you will need the energy to keep yourself moving all the time. If you don’t have time to cook, keep your fridge stocked with snacks and ready-made food so everything is handy and easy. You can also eat and nurse at the same time. Muffins, veggies, fruits, yogurt are a good option.

About 80% of new moms experience baby blues and a bout of anxiety, panic, sadness, and depression. Out of which, 10-20 percent develop serious depression conditions. If you continue to feel unhappiness and exhaustion, don’t hesitate to take professional help.

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