Bottle-Feeding Basics

How often should you feed your baby?

You shouldn’t follow a rigid feeding schedule in the initial weeks according to the experts, but with the passage of time, you will be able to follow a reasonable pattern to feed your baby. Offer your breast or bottle after every 2 hours or whenever you feel your baby is hungry. As your baby reaches 10 pounds, he or she will take approx 3 ounces per feeding. 

Can breast milk be mixed with formula?

Breast milk and formula milk can be mixed in the same container but it is not suggested because in this way the of chances of getting breast milk waster and you do not want that especially if you are using a breast pump to express milk. The best thing to do is that you feed your baby whenever you express milk and then maybe give them an ounce or two of the formula milk separately.

How to warm milk in a feeding bottle?

There is no health reason to warm baby’s milk but babies like lukewarm milk. When the milk is ready to make sure it is warm evenly. You must use a bottle warmer to keep the milk warm evenly and at the perfect temperature for your baby. If your baby is used to drinking cold milk or room temperature milk, then leave the hassle of warming the milk and give them as they like.

Microwaves are not suggested to warm the baby bottle with breast milk or formula milk. Microwaves heat unevenly and cause hot pockets which lead to burns and also kill nutrients. 

Is your baby being fed comfortably?

You need to monitor your baby closely when you are feeding them. If the sucking noise is too much while drinking then your baby might be taking in too much air. This can cause colic issues to your baby and affect their tummies. To avoid this situation, hold your baby to 45-degree angle and also make sure that the bottle nipple and neck are filled with milk while feeding.

Don’t prop the feeding bottle while you are feeding your baby because it can make your baby choke. On the contrary, breastfeeding is best for nurturing your baby by holding them close to you. It also enhances the mother-baby relationship and strengthens the bond.

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