Best Time To Feed Your Little One

According to the expert pediatricians, it is recommended that the baby food should be given after 6 months. The drawback of starting baby food is early is that it causes lack of breastfeeding and the breast milk will get dried up sooner.  Moreover, you will also lead to a diet that is low in protein, fat and other nutrition. 

Mothers must make sure that they don’t begin solid food much later than 6 months because such long waits can cause eating problems to your little one. If children are not given solids at the right time, they will, later on, have trouble developing the taste of different foods.  

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There is no need to rush while introducing solid foods to your little one; you will have to take it slow.  Your infant takes breast milk or formula milk at least 6-8 times a day. Your child should have meals 6 times a day by the time they are 1 year old.

Mid-morning snack
Mid-afternoon snack
Pre-bedtime snack

Parents usually feed solid foods to their little ones in the morning and then give them solids in the evening meal. However, there is no hard and fast rule; you can give sold food to your baby whenever you want.

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It is recommended that the solids should be given in the early times like morning so that you will know if they are any reaction to those new foods. Don’t give solids to the baby when they are crying or famished because that is the time when they want breast milk or formula milk, and will not accept solid as a whole feeding. Give solid foods before and after the feeding times. Giving solid food is just like an experiment with your child, you can try different things at different times to see what your baby likes and what suits them better.

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